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109 Academic Year (2020.09-2021.06)

Time Title of the Event  
2021/06/16 Speech: Sustainable Development and Youth Leadership: Harvard Experience  
2021/06/15 Speech: Practice of Teaching Materials and Methods in Social Studies II

Speech: Animal Conservation and International Trade

Lecturer: Connie Chiang

2021/06/08 Speech: Campus Disaster Prevention Education  
2021/06/08 Speech: Practice of Teaching Materials and Methods in Social Studies I  
2021/06/08 Speech: How to go on the ways as English Tour Guide and English Tour Leader  
2021/06/08 Speech: The value and pleasure of tribal tourism  
2021/06/02 Speech: Crowdsourced data from social media as the basis for data analysis
2021/06/01 Speech: WHAT MAKES TAIWAN UNIQUE  
2021/5/26 Speech: Cultural Assets Preservation and the Law  
2021/05/19 Speech: Let Cultural Heritage Speak In The Map: Geographical Investigation and Data Analysis of Cultural Heritage

Speech: Taiwan's International Cooperation Experience on World Cultural Heritage:

              Taking the "Project of Preservation The Cultural Heritage of Ancient Antigua" As an Example

2021/05/18 Speech: Practical Cases in Ecotourism
2021/05/18 Speech: Image Processing in Environmental Planning and Design
2021/05/12 Speech: World Heritage Magazine :a adventure about travel and life
2021/05/12 Speech: Sustainable and Circular Built Environment
2021/05/05 Speech: The Evaluation and Examination of Cultural Heritage Value: Case Studies of Cultural Landscape
2021/05/04 Speech: The Trend and Current Situation About Corporate Practicing Sustainable Development
2021/05/03 Speech: The Past and Present of Taoyuan's Algae Reef
2021/04/27 Speech: SDG5:Gender Equality in Taiwan~The Current Situation and The Future
2021/04/14 Speech: World Cultural Heritage as Monuments and Sites of Humen Key History
2021/04/01 Speech: The Experience of Story Sharing in Nanliao District
2021/04/01 Speech: Action Plan for Community Construction in 2021
2021/03/31 Speech: The Cultural Heritage Characteristics of Austronesian
2021/03/31 Speech: Why Everyone From International Organizations to Businesses Should Talk About Sustainability

Speech: The role of the public sector in promoting high quality public infrastraction construction

2021/03/23 Speech: Handling of gender equality incidents in education field
2021/03/08 Speech: Literature review and data collection
2021/03/02 Speech: CCESDG: Climate Change and Sustainable Education
2021/03/02 Speech: The world view of sustainable tourism

Speech:Environmental education and childhood life

Lecturer: YI-KAI TSENG, Retroplace of Childhood.

2020.12.12-13. 環境教育與綠色生態學校,徐慶宏校長:IMG_4251.JPG
2020/12/12 Speech: Environmental education and green ecological school
Lecturer: President: CHING-HUNG HSU , Da-san elementary school in Miaoli county
2020/12/09  Speech: New style in social science domain following new guidelines and new competency 20201209

Speech: Home on the Island—Lombok in Indonesia

Lecturer: Putrawan Habibi. SP. MP.; Mataram Tourism Institute, Lombok,Indonesia

2020/12/02 Speech: Practice of Teaching Materials and Methods in Social Studies  20201202
2020/12/01 Speech: Religion and Art

Speech: Home on Island-Sri Lanka

Lecturer: Angel Huang (Sccondary Mandarin teacher,Overseas School of Colombo)

2020/11/19 Speech: Application of Environmental Planning Software
2020/11/10 Speech: Challenges and opportunities of Taiwan's energy transition

Speech: Mixed Methods Research using in food study- Take Pipper Betel Leaf study for example

2020/10/27 Speech: Becoming a teacher and career planning

Speech: Folk Beliefs in Taiwan


Speech:Talking about Religion from Religious Studies

Lecturer: Dr. Paul Lee


Speech:Gender awareness and gender integration in teaching

Lecturer: Su, Chien-ling,Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association