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111 Academic Year (2022.09-2023.06)

Time Title of the Event  
2023/06/08 Speech: When discrimination meets empathy!
2023/06/01 Speech: just kidding! Is it that serious?
2023/05/30 Speech: The story of a home on an island in Sri Lanka.
2023/05/30 Speech: Xucuogang’s Past and Present——Talking about the Planning of Xucuogang Wetland
2023/05/24 Speech: Teaching social studies
2023/05/24 Speech: Tourists' behavior and decision-making
2023/05/23 Speech: Solar Panel Recycling: How green is Green Energy?
2023/05/16 Speech: From citizen power plant to agricultural power symbiosis
2023/05/10 Speech: Special speech on promoting civil participation in public construction-- entering PPP  
2023/05/09 Speech: Environmental Education: Green Energy? Possibilities of Implementation
2023/05/08 Speech: Educational Practice Program Experience Sharing
2023/05/06 Speech: Viewing Carbon Emissions from a Sustainable Wetlands Perspective
2023/05/02 Speech: Environmental Education: International Orientation of Environmental Education: Taiwan-US Eco-School Partnership Program  
2023/05/01 Speech: Research and analysis of SSCI article writing skills on the theme of sustainable development and resource management

Speech: Short Film and Exploration of Video Concepts and Techniques

2023/04/19 Speech: Open children's eyes to see the world
2023/04/18 Speech: Environmental Education: Nuclear Waste Controversy and Environmental Justice  
2023/04/12 Speech: Listening to the Masters Talk about Food Design
2023/03/27 Speech: Towards  Carbon Emissions -Natural Carbon Sinks and Carbon credits Trading
2023/03/13 Speech: Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, CBAM  
2023/02/21 Speech: Exploring Improvement in Park Green Space Planning and Design: A Case Study of the Environmental Regeneration Project in Hsinchu Park

Speech: Seeing Self Traits and Talents from Daily Life - Career Exploration

2022/11/29 Speech: Application of Environmental Planning Software
2022/11/15 Speech: Journal Publication Skills
2022/11/14 Speech: Hakka Studies in Hsinchu Area  
2022/11/8 Speech: Lectures on Environmental and Cultural Resources Research Course—Academic Development Experience Sharing  
2022/11/8 Speech: The Practice of Combining Agri-food education with Campus Kitchen
2022/11/7 Speech: SDGs and international cooperation under climate change
2022/11/7 Speech: SDGs and International Cooperation
2022/11/2 Speech: The Development of Organic Agriculture in Taiwan
2022/11/2 Speech: Lectures on Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development  
2022/10/31 Speech: The importance of a circular economy for net-zero carbon targets  
2022/10/26 Speech: An agri-food ethnography of the world's bananas  
2022/10/25 Speech: Global challenges and new developments in sustainability education
2022/10/24 Speech: Sustainability - A Review of Theory                            
2022/10/17 Speech: Introduction to The Nature Valley Environmental Trust  
2022/10/12 Speech: Special Topic in Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development  

Speech: Environmental and Cultural Resources Studies Course Lecture—The Jane Goodall Institute


Speech: Introduction to STEAM Education and Implementation