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110 Academic Year (2021.09-2022.06)

Time Title of the Event  
2022/06/06 Speech: Lecture on Administrative Law, Department of Administration, Chung Hwa University - Control of State-owned Land and Waste                                            
2022/06/01 Speech: Financial Feasibility Assessment Model for Private Participation in Public Construction (Financial Feasibility Assessment for Participation Promotion Cases)
2022/05/18 Speech: Into the promotion of public-private-partnership (PPP)  
2022/05/12 Speech: Half-study and half-agricultural - agricultural healing for college students
2022/05/12 Speech: Tainan City "Old House Xinli" Experience  
2022/05/04 Speech: Renovation and revitalization of Daxi old tea factory  
2022/04/27 Speech: The transformation of the textile industry towards net zero exploration  
2022/04/25 Speech: Accelerators for Global Sustainable Transformation—Carbon Pricing and Carbon Tariffs

Speech:The experience of old houses in Hsinchu City: Taking "OR craft windows" and "OR new state houses" as examples to talk about the new look of restoration and reuse of old houses

2022/04/20 Speech: Matsu's local economy
2022/04/17 Speech: Seeing the Underground World from a Soil Profile, Reconstructing the Thinking of Permaculture
2022/04/14 Speech: From Slow Food to Learning Ground Wine
2022/04/13 Speech: Environment and green energy win-win - development of biogas and green energy industry  
2022/03/30 Speech: State Capitalism and Low-Carbon Transition: The Case of Green Finance in China
2022/03/23 Speech: Place Creation and Historic District Revitalization  
2022/03/21 Speech: "Mythical Bird"--The Ecological Documentary of Mazu's Black-billed Crested Tern
2021/12/14 Speech: Deep Leisure in Bug World
2021/12/08 Speech: worms serve  

Speech: Can agricultural travel vouchers help revitalize agricultural tourism? Discuss the effect of the agri-tourism relief and revitalization policies with Difference in Difference

2021/12/06 Speech: A journey of reusing cultural assets with rich ideals and skinny reality
2021/11/29 Speech: Pack your career luggage  
2021/11/29 Speech: Daily management and maintenance of (Dihua Street) museum207
2021/11/16 Speech: Math Lessons in Monuments and Architecture

Speech: Transformation and Prospect of the Dilemma of Cultural Assets Management and Maintenance


Speech: Case Study -- Sorry, I Don’t See Your Needs

lecturer: Dr. Chaz

2021/11/12 Speech: EU lesson plan education and training - key species screenings
2021/11/09 Speech: Disaster Prevention and Vulnerable Groups: A Case Study of a building in Kaohsiung
2021/11/06 Speech: EU lesson plan education and training-biodiversity screenings
2021/11/05 Speech: Experimental Economics and Economic Experiment (2)
2021/11/02 Speech:  International Law, Arbitration and Studying Experiences in the EU: Interview with Miss Wong
2021/11/02 Speech: Seeing Self-Characteristics and Talents from Everyday.
2021/11/01 Speech: Forest carbon credit and carbon pricing (B)
2021/10/29 Speech: Theory and Application of Ecological Economy
2021/10/27 Speech: Proposal plan writing and writing skills  
2021/10/26 Speech: The looming citizen science of mountaineering
2021/10/25 Speech: Forest carbon credit and carbon pricing (A)
2021/10/21 Speech: Local Story Practical Experience Sharing 
2021/10/18 Speech: One Land One Hope
2021/10/15 Speech: Experimental Economics and Economic Experiment (1)
2021/10/07 Speech: Oral History Interview
2021/09/30 Speech: Sustainable Development - A Review of the Ring Theory  

Speech: Down-rooted local studies - a discussion on the possibility of integrating local studies courses into experimental education in middle schools